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Ways you can support your children at home.

Letters and Sounds

lettersandsoundsMake time to listen to your child talking – as you meet them from their setting or school, as you walk, or travel home by car, in the supermarket as you shop, at meal times, bath times, bedtimes – any time! >> Download more information

Heuristic Play

HeuristicPlayHeuristic learning is defined as the opportunity for the child to discover and learn through exploration it is a spontaneous exploratory activity that is rooted in young children's natural curiosity. >> Download more information

Play Dough Recipes

PlayDoughDownload a range of Play Dough recipes you can use at home. >> Download Recipes

Sand And Water Play

SandAndWaterPlayYoung children love playing with sand and water and find both relaxing. It cannot be emphasised enough though that when children are playing with water that they need to be supervised at all times. >> Download more information


writingWe model how to form letters (graphemes) correctly, so that children can eventually acquire a fluent and legible handwriting style. These skills develop over a long period of time. A child's ability to form a letter correctly is a separate skill from phonics. >> Download more information