It is well known that in the early years of the child's development eating habits and tastes are formed for life. At Tootsies your child will be introduced to a wide range of fresh stimulating flavours which will help to establish healthy eating.

At Tootsies we believe that meal times should be a happy, social occasion for staff and children alike. Positive interactions should be shared at these times and enjoyed. Tootsies Private Day Nursery Ltd is committed to offering children healthy, nutritious balanced meals and snacks which meet individual's needs and requirements.

tris-stroverChef Tristian Strover is a big part of Tootsies' success with nursery food. He joined us in 2009 with extensive experience in the catering trade. Following on from the success of the food and nursery ethos towards healthy eating Slice of Pie was formed. The Slice of Pie team bake their own bread for the children to enjoy at breakfast and supply nutritionally balanced meals for lunch and tea.

Individual dietary requirements are respected. We gather information from parents regarding their children's dietary needs including any allergies. Where appropriate we will carry out a risk assessment in the case of allergies and work alongside parents to put into place an individual diet plan for children.

quality-foodChildren receive a balanced and healthy breakfast, midday meal, tea and three daily snacks attending a full day at the nursery, menus are planned in advance, rotated regularly and reflect cultural diversity and variation. These are displayed for parents to view. Menus include five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables per day.


Meal and snack times are organised so that they are social occasions in which children and staff participate in small groups. During meals and snack times children are encouraged to use manners and say 'please' and 'thank you' and conversation is encouraged.

Nursery world awards 2011n 2011 Tootsies took part in the Nursery World Awards and won under the category of Nursery Food. The awards recognise and highlight the best organisations, teams, individuals, initiatives and resources in the UK. They shine a light on the hard work, innovation and dedication of those in early years education and childcare, illustrating best practice and raising the profile of early years.

NMT-award-lgSpurred on by our success in 2012 Tris took part in and won a cook off producing a 2 course meal for the judges, showing an understanding for nutrition and the needs of small children.

nwa2013winner In 2013 we again entered theNursery World Awards and again won, the only nursery ever to take the award on two occasions!

NWA blue2014-finalistIn 2014 we were highly commended at the annual Nursery World Awards, praising the efforts we continually go to with regards to encouraging healthy lifestyles throughout the nursery.